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Southern Spain (and Barcelona too)

I am headed to Andalusia/ Southern Spain

Home to Moorish castles like the above pictured Real Alcazar (Water Gardens of Dorn to Game of Thrones fans), gorgeous gardens and good food!

I will be meeting with various tour operators and investigating experiences across the country.

Feel free to follow along and send me your questions too.

What do you want to to know about the Andalucian region of Spain?

AdiĆ³s por ahora!

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Gothic Barcelona; City snapshots; beach

Barcelona and it's beaches Posted on Wed, April 25, 2018 22:25:29

Barcelona has been rebuilt many times and by many people. Most people trace her start to Roman times where the Gothic Quarter is today.
At the top of these steps is where Columbus was greeted by Ferdinand and Isabel when he returned from his first voyage to the “New World”.

The beautiful Barcelona Cathedral (a visit here contrasts dramatically with the Sagrada Familia and shows how “ahead of his time” Gaudi was, and why his work was controversial and way beyond the norm.)
Narrow “streets’ and alleyways are the norm

Opening to lovely plazas, often filled with outdoor cafes and shops

The area also had a Jewish Quarter
Other parts of the city are more “modern” and feature wide pedestrian boulevards lined with shops, outdoor cafes, pocket parks and dedicated bike lanes.

Nightlife is vibrant in Barcelona. From dinner…

…to walks on the beach
Barcelona is filled with beauty!

Sagrada Familia + Gaudi’s works

Barcelona and it's beaches Posted on Wed, April 25, 2018 21:37:25

After a week of breathtaking Gothic cathedrals and Moorish masterpieces Barcelona supplies something completely different: Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia – a wonder of stained glass and light. Construction began in 1882 and is ongoing with a hopeful completion planned for 2030. The church is breathtaking for it’s light, Gaudi carefully planned the placement of a multitude of windows to capture the light at all times of day; Even planning for different colors of light to shine in sync with the biblical chapter or theme he was displaying in the stained glass. Unlike any cathedral we saw in Spain – or anywhere else in the world, the Sagrada Familia is a must-see while in Barcelona.

Gaudi touched all parts of Barcelona, in addition to the Sagrada Familia you can see his work at the Guell Monumental park:

And along the main streets…